Crew Love: The September Edition

10.01.12 5 years ago 33 Comments

As we stare down the end of 2012, we wrap up another good month of music that we shared with everybody in typical TSS fashion by dropping off September’s edition of Crew Love. It’s that usual mixed bag of unusual tracks that kept us motivated as we kept bringing material to you on a daily basis. God bless you internuts.

Snoop Dogg Feat. Dr. Dre & D’Angelo – “Imagine” — On 2006’s The Blue Carpet Treatment, one of the genre’s most important and storied duos bring D’Angelo along for a ride taking a look at life if things weren’t exactly as we knew them. To this day, still an underrated and often overlooked cut from all three’s catalogs. — J. Tinsley
Petty – “Harsh On A Hoe” — Any time a song opens with the line “I heard you had another baby, congratulations on that ugly motherfucker” you know you’re for nothing but pure hate. What makes Petty’s verbal accosting so enjoyable is that he stays on topic from beginning to end of the three minute track and we all know a broad of similar pedigree to the “miss thang” who deserves every lashing Petty lays on her. — Gotty™

Pharrell Feat. Lauren London – “Show You How to Hustle” — Some time before Lil Wayne was choppin’ down Lauren she lent some vocals to this hidden classic jam by Pharrell. Grinding along a timeless Neptunes creation, Skateboard P takes us on a fictional ride of a drug dealer with the intention of inspiring you to hustle. — JayB aka Jimmy2xs

Fun. – “One Foot” — The first rapper to sample Fun.’s album is a genius. The loop in “One Foot” is just nasty and their entire album is full of anthems. This is stadium music. While damn near every song on Some Nights is great, “One Foot” makes you feel like you’re ready to go occupy Wall Street or something. — David D.

Animal Collective – “Rosie Oh” — It’s really f*cking easy to hate Animal Collective. Actually, it’s completely acceptable to hate them entirely on principle: they’re four jam band-y doofs whose music’s enjoyed by all those tool-bags who recently migrated to Bushwick for the “affordability and space.” Then you listen to “Rosie Oh” ironically, only to find that those gentrifying morons were right: Animal Collective’s incredibly enjoyable. You shouldn’t hate enjoyment–only tools. — Ryan J.

A$AP Rocky – “Pretty Flacko” — Back before things went sour between these two, Rocky and SpaceGhostPurrp showed they had some phenomenal chemistry together on wax and none of their collaborations was ever better than this epic display of bravado. Every time I listen to “Pretty Flacko” I have a sudden urge to go buckwild with two bottles of champagne that I know I can’t afford. — Raj

JJ Doom – “Wash Your Hands” — Your unfriendly, neighborhood villain skipped out on a show here and there but he made his patented presence known on “Wash Your Hands.” Jneiro Jarel set the peculiar soundtrack customary for Doom’s musings on proper hygiene. The song, while funny, has a good message and should be played around funkier types when words aren’t enough. — S. Cadet

Trouble Feat. Gucci Mane, Rocko, & Travis Porter – “U Don’t Deserve Dat (Remix)” — One of the highlights from 431 Days, Trouble rocked over the killer Olympicks beat, addressing wannabe, woman-beating thugs, and creeping hoes that believe they’re wifey material. With a slightly lighter mood to it, the remix featured some of my favorite trappers, including some comedic gems in La Flare’s verse. — Julie J.
Mookie Jones Feat. Smoke DZA – “When I Want To” — Over 808s and a smooth piano sample, the young Houstonian links up with Harlem’s Smoke DZA to create a player’s ball anthem. Goldie and Pretty Tony would be proud. Right on. — Greg Whitt

Wiz Kalifa – “Still Blazin’” — What, does someone really need a reason to revisit Kush & Orange Juice? — AJ

Nino Bless – “Not Featuring 2 Chainz” — Nino always comes with the bars. Those who listen to him on the regular know. Add in one of the most ingenious song titles of the year and the unforgettable melody from Tetris and you’ve got quite the fresh followup to his ROAM mixtape. — Trackstar the DJ

Pharoahe Monch – “Official” — Pharoahe slings around enough sports references on “Official” that even Wale would have to offer up a golf clap. One of my favorite tracks off of Monch’s Rawkus debut, listening to this song gives me that same smile I get at the end of October when baseball, football and basketball are all on TV. — Darius Sinclair™

R. Kelly – “Steppin Into Heaven” — A lot of people tend to forget it’s alright to stop dissecting the music so much and just enjoy certain songs, simply because they make you feel good. The entire Happy People disc from the Piped Piper of R&B’s 2004 double-album is the epitome of that sentiment and this burden-bashing anthem is one of the reasons why. — BEWARE

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