Crossface Chickenwing Rhymes: 7 Hip-Hop Lines About Bob Backlund

11.28.11 5 years ago 4 Comments

After both DMX and Sheek Louch referenced infamous Hall of Fame wrestler Bob Backlund during Ruff Ryders’ “World’s Greatest” comeback track, we were reminded the WWF Superstar-turned-wannabe-politician had actually been referenced more than a few times in rhymes. So, as a treat for our scatterbrained audience, we’ve taken the liberty of compiling quotables from some of Hip-Hop’s elite, speaking on none other than the king of the Crossface Chickenwing himself.

Hopefully you find the odd combination amusing enough to deflect the fact that most wrestling diehards here probably hated this crazy sumbitch back when he boring his way to glory in the ’80s and ’90s.

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“I’m Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Bob Backlund / Part-acting, ha ha, who they think they car jackin”Cam’ron

1. Cam’ron Feat. Hell Rell, Jim Jones & J.R. Writer – “Get Em Daddy” (Remix)

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“Now walk wit dat one, word, time time fo some action/ Dreamin bout Toni Braxton / Blowin her back out like Bob Backlund”Method Man

2. Redman Feat. Method Man – “Do What Ya Feel”

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“Yo, call me the Bob Backlund I’ll break backs on hoes/ Who look like Toni Braxton, come run with these boney masked men” Redman

3. Method Man & Redman Feat. Toni Braxton – “Part II”

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They lack what I do/ You would think that I had a match for a tooth/ And I snap like Bob Backlund in the booth/ To bad bitches I’m about as bashful as Luke” – Wale

4. Wale Feat. Kingpen Slim & Torae- “Sharp”

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I put you in the chicken wing like Bob Backlund/ Jack ya team captain, Bring drama like summer night, ghetto action/ Some honies got it twisted, fat asses I mash ’em” – Jeru The Damaja

5. Jeru The Damaja – “Great Solar Stance”

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Sean gone til November, stole Wyclef’s ride/ Bob Backlund, car jacking, New Jersey driving” – Sean Price

6. C Ray Walz Feat. Prodigal Sunn, Sean Price & U-God – “Still Grimey”

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I’m bananas, out of my fuckin mind they won’t let me back in/ Cuz I was down before the hype like Dusty Rhodes and Bob Backlund/ Bruno Samartino, Stan Staziak/ Now The Rock and Stone Cold are my favorite maniacs/ The top rooster pluckin, chickens when I’m cluckin/ WWF stands for When and Where we Fuckin” – LL Cool J

7. LL Cool J Feat. DMX, Method Man & Redman – “Fuhgidabowdit”

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