Maximum Deja Vu: ‘Crysis 3’ Review

03.15.13 5 years ago 20 Comments

Some recent games go balls deep in making experiences but completely abandon the story. The budget is hefty, the sound actors, content, visuals, and overall game quality is top of the line. Sometimes with this shit storm of glitz, you start to miss what storytelling has to offer. Crysis 3 (PS3, Xbox 360, PC) falls into said pitfalls with it’s anemic tale structure. However, there’s enough going on under the game’s cybernetic exterior to keep it from being a maximum letdown.

This sequel’s story follows the path of the previous two titles: a highly skilled marine with super suit saves the world from the Vietnamese/corrupt corporation CELL and aliens. Sans the Vietnamese this time around, your character, named “Prophet”, focuses all his strengths on the human CELL Corp and Alien race known as the Ceph. He tries to disable the humans first, then to take on the aliens, aiming to kick their asses off Earth for the third time.

The campaign’s rife with cliches and feels set up as a training ground for multiplayer. There is nothing new besides Prophet’s interesting connection with the aliens: adding more stale mystery and weapon selection.

Speaking of weapons, Crysis 3 encourages stealth tactics with its new predator bow. This was a slick addition for any style of play since it incorporates different arrow variations. From frag tips to an ultra-fun thermite tips, you’ll find yourself using up all of the bow’s scarce ammo. Aside from your standard assault inventory, Prophet gained the ability to operate alien weaponry (think District 9.) These overpowered BFG’s come with limited yet refillable mags along with your nanosuit power near the Ceph power beacons.

Crysis games never lacked in visuals fidelity and Crysis 3’s graphics continue the grand tradition. Sure, the optimal PC specs for great performance are parallel to the year and a half old BF3, but the guys at Crytek still created stunning visuals and atmospheres within the game. The PS3 and Xbox 360 versions weren’t assessed in this review yet, in terms of gameplay features, the three visions are identical.

Multiplayer is the best part of Crysis 3 and offers longevity to compensate for the short campaign. Its format is quite similar to other FPSs where playing and winning gains weapon unlocks and XP. If you can’t beat them…join them, right?

There is more to it than good ol’ XP grinding, though. The new, addictive Hunter mode actually shows off some ingenuity in Crysis 3’s offerings. In short, it’s an online version of “British bulldogs” where two cloaked hunters with bows add members to their team by killing visible soldiers. Soldiers win if they all survive and hunters win if they successfully down the opposition. It’s Predator-like vibe is sure to generate a rush when you play it. Besides this, the MP staples are available, under different names of course, ranging from team death match to capture the flag.

Overall, Crysis 3 is just what you’d expect: a big budget, shiny FPS. The campaign is slimmed and dumbed down compared to its predecessors, and it’s not a welcome change. Still, if you’re all about multiplayer gaming, then this game should keep you entertained for a many months via Hunter mode.

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