Curtain Call…

09.30.08 9 years ago 30 Comments

It’s a wrap for Rap City.

I’ve always wanted to say that.

At least for the past five years anyway. This was probably the last standing monument to what BET could’ve been. From back in the day with “The Mayor” Chris Thomas & Prince Dajour up until about 2004, it was somewhat relevant. After Tigger left, it pretty much the end of that story. I’d occasionally peep a “freestyle” here and there, or maybe when one of my homies was guest DJ’ing I’d watch him get introduced, but that’s about it.

Rumors of cancellation have been looming and lurking since the end of last year, and it now finally seems like the people who cut the check, will also cut the show come October 26th.

This is like watching a very small, badly engineered, Black version of the Titanic sinking.

Terrence and Rocsi are sending out job applications on the low right now.

Rocsi And Terrence Better Start Faxing Off Some Resumes, BET Cancels Rap City? [SOHH]

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