LeBron James’ Mom Is Dating LeBron James’ Absolute Biggest Fan

09.03.13 4 years ago 75 Comments

Da Real Lambo Gloria James

Justin Tinsley is a gifted writer and valued member of the TSS Crew. He is also famously, and infamously, known around these parts as a steadfast supporter and diehard fan of NBA champion and MVP, LeBron James. Well, he’d better put a bigger picture up on his vision board, and add a few more candles to his shrine because some serious competition as The King’s number one fan just came into the picture.

Tins may write the occasional post singing Lebron’s praises, and may even duke it out with his detractors in the comments from time to time, but would he be willing to, say, date the guy’s mother? I didn’t think so. Florida rapper Da Real Lambo has no such issues, and in addition to becoming Mama James’ new beau, he has taken fanboyism to heights that can only be rivaled by John Hinckley, Jr.

A quick look at his Instagram feed will reveal pictures ranging from endearing to sad to outright odd. For example, he poses as if he was one of LeBron’s kids in one photo. In another, he awkwardly wedges himself in between James’ MVP trophies for a photo op with the man himself. Other pics find him posing with James’ championship ring, and with nearly every colorway of his signature sneaker. Most disturbingly, one photo’s caption finds the 31-year-old referring to the younger James as his role model. Please note that he’s reportedly a few years older than The King.

Look, if there is anyone worthy of praise and admiration it’s LeBron. He’s a champion, a millionaire and since the whole “Decision” thing is in his rear view mirror, generally thought of as a pretty nice guy. Still, it seems that several man laws are being broken with impunity, and the community needs to speak up.

We at TSS wish Lambo a long and fruitful relationship with the James family, but a little dignity goes a long way.

Da Real Lambo Gloria James 2

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Da Real Lambo Gloria James 4

Da Real Lambo Gloria James 5

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Da Real Lambo Gloria James 10

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Da Real Lambo Gloria James 12

Not enough? In this IG vid, Lambo plays 2K as, you guessed it, LeBron.

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