Rap Group Gets Sued For Blowing Over $100,000 Loan On Drugs And Lavish Trips

08.09.13 4 years ago 16 Comments

Apparently, blowing your advance money on weed and lavish trips to festivals where you’re not even a performer doesn’t constitute as “marketing.” Da Youngfellaz’s Johnny Aguiar, Joseph Aguiar and Brett Officer are being sued by a recording studio for upwards of $150,000, a marketing loan that went to everything but marketing.

StigmaSound’s owner Frank Marquez says Da Youngfellaz were given an initial $25,000 loan in June 2012 that was meant to go towards turning them into A-list stars, but was used to afford them an A-list lifestyle instead. Marquez claims in court documents that the group ran through the $25,000 in just three months. In October, they were given another $50,000 that was also quickly spent. January 2013 saw Da Youngfellaz receiving $75,000, $14,000 of which went towards the group attending SXSW, the popular Austin, Texas music festival the Bronx-based group weren’t even performers in. Six months and $125,000 later, Marquez claims the group had only promoted one song.

Johnny Aguiar owned up to the mishandling of the funds and issued an apology to Marquez via email: “I APOLOGIZE for all of my insults, and comments, I’ve QUIT smoking, and have been for about a month now, I haven’t told you this, but my body, and my mind are going through it, trying to get off the weed.”

However, Aguiar claims Marquez supplied them with drugs, offering up a text message as proof. “Tell Storm I got the herbals for him and not all them motherf*ckers.” Marquez’s attorney Shamita Carriman calls the allegations “100 percent false.”

Da Youngfellaz are signed to New Rich Entertainment and according to their website, have previously worked with Talib Kweli, Nipsey Hussle, Snoop Dogg and George Clinton.

Update: A representative for Da YoungFellaz has come forward to strongly disputes the claims by Marquez. According to rolling out‘s interview with the group, the artists claim Marquez “attempted to manipulate the group into signing away their intellectual property.” When they refused, the allegations started. Hear more of Da YoungFellaz of the story at rolling out.

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