Daft Punk Delivers A 10-Minute Remix For The (Unofficial) Song Of The Summer, “Get Lucky”

06.26.13 4 years ago 6 Comments


Here are the assorted, quick replies inside the TSS e-office when we found Daft Punk just released a 10-minute remix of their infectious “Get Lucky.”

pharrell jammin

“10 minute 33 seconds” remix? That’s what I’m talkin about!

“We want more, we want more” – The little girl from the AT&T ad

It’s over 10 minutes long. I pressed play and had to quickly shut it down cause I was wopping to it and wasn’t shit going to be done today if I continued to listen and wop lol.

I haven’t gotten tired of this one no matter how omnipresent it is.

The remix is part of a three-track EP, scheduled to drop on July 16th and now available for pre-order here. Nothing else to say really and we don’t aim to keep you because you have 10 very enjoyable minutes of listening to do.

And if you’re still not weary, may as well watch President Obama singin’ the cut as well, created by the brains at Barackdubs. Like we said, it’s infectious.

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