Dame Dash Gets Into The Apps Business, Launches ‘Dash’

06.20.13 4 years ago 21 Comments

Just when you think Dame Dash is down and out, he “bounces up like round ball,” in the words of his former BFF.

The Harlem hustler who’s dabbled in everything from art to music is now getting into the tech game with his own app called Dash. On Monday, Dame went on his Instagram to break the news of his latest venture. According to the app’s website, Dash is a “mobile payment platform for restaurants, bars, and clubs, that allows patrons to open, view, split, and pay their tab from their smartphone.”

Unfortunately, the app only works in select New York City locations, but developers are working on that. It shouldn’t be long before more restaurants and bars get in on the action since the idea is pretty ingenious, especially for customers not patient enough to wait two lifetimes for the waiter to come with their check. And for absent-minded patrons who sometimes forget their credit cards at eateries and end up with weird, mysterious porn charges on their CC bill.

So if you don’t want to end up on WorldStaaaaar, going off on a waiter for taking too long with your check, get the app.

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