Dame Dash Calls A Truce With Funk Flex

06.24.14 3 years ago 9 Comments

Just two weeks ago Dame Dash was launching a full scale attack at Funk Flex, pulling no punches and taking some return shots from Flex as well. Now, the beef is over.

Dame sat down with Vlad TV to discuss a myriad of things in a short four minute clip. In a convo that starts off with Dame lambasting 360° deals, he eventually touches on rumors that he’s broke.

“Slave broke is when someone that has a job considers you broke because you don’t have any liquid because all your money is in your business and your real estate, because and you got cash flowing independence. That’s like a slaves fear he’s like, ‘that’s broke.’ But I’m independent rich, period. So I can be slave broke, I’ll be slave broke all day. Anyone that says I’m broke, I am broke. I’m slave broke but I feel indie rich. I’m living a good life and i get to take care of my kids.”

After taking one last parting shot at Flex by calling slave money “Flex money,” Dame officially buries the hatchet:

“And you know what I’m not even mad at you Flex. I’ve decided I’m not even fucking with you no more. You my nigga. Beef off. Aight? I’m not gonna let them have us mad at each other. Joie (Manda) is a herb but I’m not mad at you dog.”

Dame has been in the news a ton lately, which makes one wonder if he has something big planned for this summer, and I don’t mean the restaurant with Cam. We’ll see.

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