Dame Dash Is Back Talkin’ His Sh*t Again On “Don’t Be Scared” Featuring Jim Jones & Smoke DZA

05.15.14 4 years ago 8 Comments

dame dash jim jones smoke dza don't be scared

“Don’t f*ckin’ wave no money in our face, pause, What the f*ck we look like strippers? Fuck is wrong with y’all n****s, we can’t be bought, We from Harlem…”

Dame is talking cash sh*t. Cam is wearing furs in the summer. Jim, Juelz, and Freakey are back in the picture. What year is this again? Can we stay here forever? Harlem sticks together once again on Dame Dash’s new track—that’s right, it’s Dame’s song—featuring Smoke DZA and Jim Jones “Don’t Be Scared.”

Nerds and squares get bullied, while stand up guys receive the salutes they deserve on the hit-and-run quick track. Champagne Dame’s taking a very aggressive tone here, and implies that this is only the beginning. Between this and the phenomenal “Dipshits” from yesterday, it’s looking like a very Dipset summer to me.

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