Dame Dash On Stacey Dash: ‘I Would Never Say No Crazy Sh*t Like That’

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01.21.16 4 Comments

Like the rest of the world, Dame Dash heard Stacey Dash’s latest bunch of controversial comments on Fox News on Wednesday. Unlike the rest of the world, Dame is Stacey’s cousin so naturally he doesn’t want that foolishness – or “coonin'” as he put it – associated with his name.

Dame spoke to Dr. Boyce Watkins about his cousin and the controversy surrounding her words and the Oscars on Thursday. Like is often the case when family does something crazy, he’s laughing it off and coming to the defense of his cousin.

To start the interview, the former Roc-A-Fella Records exec noted that he’s “used to it” when it comes to Stacey, although he does say that “It’s annoying having a cousin that looks like that and has an opinion that works for Fox News.” He continued by mentioning that even though their perspectives differ, he tried to understand where Stacey was coming from and just wishes that there was “a consciousness about how (her words) affects other people.” Dame finished that thought by remarking that “I would never say no crazy sh*t like that.”

Eventually, he tries to clarify her comments, saying he didn’t think that she actually meant there should be segregation. Instead, he says “I think she was just saying ‘Yo, BET, we have our own Black stuff that we don’t invite white people to and then get mad when white people don’t invite us to their stuff.”

He finishes his thoughts on Stacey by guessing that she gets paid by Fox for her controversial comments but also noting, “Either way she’s my cousin.” And like all family that deal with that one crazy cousin saying all that wacky stuff he reminds everybody, “I love my cousin.”

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