“Gonna Be A Good Thing…”

12.15.09 8 years ago 14 Comments

In his hair, I bet ?uestlove has b-sides and outtakes from every artist imaginable. I know he does. I remember reading a detailed interview with either him or some other artist, telling how they spent days and weeks jamming, studying and vibing long before anything was ever recorded for album purposes. In fact, I think it was a D’Angelo interview and Brother Love’s presence in the interview became so glaring that it marked my mind, forever etching a vision of him as a musician in the original mold.

Over the weekend, he dug into his massive mane and brought forth (via Twitter) this acoustic version of D’Angelo’s “Spanish Joint.” Truth be told, I can only remember listening to Voodoo a few times until LC brought the album version of this song to the forefront when we did a Crew Love post. After that, I had to revisit the album to see what else I’d missed and the song itself has been in position numero uno on my iPod’s R&B playlist. The only thing that may usurp it might possibly be this acoustic version, which is light on the keys and heavy on D’s mesmerizing voice.


Download — D’Angelo – “Spanish Joint” (Acoustic Long Cut)

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