Get Into A Detroit State Of Mind With New Danny Brown Documentary

05.14.12 6 years ago 11 Comments

Danny Brown is clearly not your average MC. On top of that, he might be the furthest thing from a typical Detroit rapper there is. Yet, somehow he’s slowly but surely becoming one of the most renown names in either category. During his new documentary with Pitchfork, fittingly called Detroit State Of Mind, the reasoning why becomes blatantly obvious.

At a little over twenty minutes, this insightful journey into the routine and mindset of Fools Gold’s lead MC shows why Brown’s continual attempts to stray from the norm have not only made him such a unique personality, but also taken him from a neighborhood his mother refers to as “Iraq” to becoming one of the industry’s most buzzing names. With Pitchfork.TV camera crews following his every move, fans can see Brown battling over getting properly paid for his performance at Dilla Day to doing free studio sessions for the “love of hip-hop,” along with everything in between.

Mix that contrasting sense of passion and grinding mindset with lots of blunts, a few laughs & some family functions and you’ll gladly enjoy watching what Danny himself calls a “movie or reality TV show/pilot.”

Hell, you already know we’d be tuning in.

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