“Danny Duberstein Is Good At Two Things…”

11.18.09 8 years ago 33 Comments

With Dave Chappelle skateboarding through farmland somewheres in Ohio, J.B. Smoove might be the jester king ruling quietly in TV-land.

Whether you’ve seen him kicking it with Biggie Shorty and Bodie in Pootie Tang, or simply caught his stand up act, you know the man J.B. has a funny streak. But if you’ve seen him as Leon on HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm, you know he steals every scene.

Preface for the above: Kramer from Seinfeld is having trouble focusing at reunion-show rehearsals because he’s afraid he’s dying of Groats Disease. Larry David says not to worry because he has an accountant friend, Danny Duberstein, who is a Groats survivor. Larry agrees to arrange a meeting between the two men to quell Kramer’s fears. Turns out the Jewish Danny Duberstein has died from Groats, and so Larry asks his roommate, Leon, to fill in as Danny Duberstein and visit Kramer to calm his anxiety about the disease. Larry says he will be at the meeting, but he’s running late. And… action…

Someone give this man his own show.

Make sure you catch the season finale of Curb this weekend.

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