Dante Exum’s Foot Locker Commercials Are His Perfect Introduction To America

06.23.14 3 years ago 9 Comments

Know what America loves? Well, besides happy hours, three day weekends and World Cup soccer every four years. America loves a celebrity who can make fun of themselves.

Dante Exum is a mystery to many who call the United States “home.” He hasn’t been plastered on national TV for nearly a year in the vein of names like Parker, Smart, Wiggins, Embiid and more (despite bursting on the hoops scene at 2013’s Nike Hoop Summit against many of those same names). Even to the most diehard of hoops heads, Exum’s remained a enigma painted only in sick YouTube videos and buzz-building columns.

The 18-year-old floor general from Australia is dubbed by many as a “can’t miss prospect,” perhaps top three thanks to Embiid’s setback. Yet, when his name is called during Thursday’s draft, the reaction will largely revolve around a common sentiment.


Credit Foot Locker and adidas for showcasing Dante’s adaptation to the States as an entertaining one in their new string of new ads. It’s apparently been rocky, as Dante’s receiving a crash course in seeing life in America (and the people in it) can be straight up jerks.

Calling a spade a spade, though, the five clips may not be better than Damian Lillard’s brilliant commercial from earlier this year, but Exum’s got one hell of a dynamic icebreaker to his marketing credits already.

The kid definitely has some marketability in him.

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