The iPod Shuffle: Das EFX’s ‘Real Hip Hop’

Managing Hip-Hop Editor
08.02.15 10 Comments

Let’s stop and give it up for Hip-Hop right now. The past few weeks have been nothing but fun and f*ckery. Yeah, the whole beef-battle thing can get a bit tiresome until you step back and realize all the conversation and growth they cause. The ensuing conversation about ghostwriting has caused all of us to really step back and determine what we value more – the creation of the stories or how those stories are delivered to us.

No matter what side of the fence your opinion falls on, you’ve probably heard a counterargument that makes you at least stop and think, then ultimately re-evaluate where your favorite MC stands. And just like how “Control” really forced rappers to up their game, Meek vs. Drake will prove to be a catalyst for change in its own way, too. Moments like these help define the genre and the culture surrounding the music itself.

i mentioned it a few weeks back how 2015’s been good to us as fans. 2014 had its own highs but this year’s seen the A-listers springing back into action. Drake’s dropped and so did Kendrick. Kanye’s release is…well, we know there’s a trick up his sleeve. When we look back, this is going to be the year in history that Dr. Dre made a return after a 16-year absence and only given fans a week’s warning before his album releases.

Das EFX 1995 single “Real Hip Hop” has nothing to do with any of the aforementioned except for it’s like a bottle of audio champagne that plays in my mind whenever I’m celebrating something on behalf of the music and culture that raised me and I’ve grown alongside for. I love this thing of ours, flaws, f*ckery and all.

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