Daunte Culpepper To Resurrect The San Francisco 49ers?

08.16.11 6 years ago 13 Comments

This year’s NFL off-season saw many of the higher echelon quarterbacks of the league departing from their 2010 teams in favor of fresh starts for the coming year. Unsurprisingly, not one of them will suit up in San Francisco. Not Matt Hasselbeck, not Kevin Kolb, and not Donovan McNabb. Hell, the Niners couldn’t land longtime benchwarmers Matt Leinart and Tarvaris Jackson or even the perpetually unretired Brett Favre. They were apparently content with riding another season into the ground at the helm of their brilliant passer Alex Smith. That is, until the coaches were forced to bear witness to a methodical 24-3 preseason slaughtering at the hands of the Saints last Friday.

Now, in a state of panic, the 49er mis-management is trying to resolve all their problems by working out Daunte Culpepper, another QB with unlimited dying star potential. I get the strategy now. Pass on all the decent players and then surprise everyone by going with the player who wasn’t good enough to be signed by anybody last year, not even as a third string emergency guy. Sheer, unadulterated genius if you ask me. Fellow Bay Areans, I’m just going pretend that the next 52 Sundays magically disappeared. It would be appreciated if you could let me know if we get a decent draft pick next year or if the team gets sold.

[Mercury News]

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