Watch This 1995 Stand-Up Video By Dave Chappelle In Honor Of His Birthday

08.24.14 3 years ago 5 Comments

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Dave Chappelle turns 41 today.

From classics like Killin’ ‘Em Softly, For What It’s Worth, Half Baked, his groundbreaking sketch comedy series to even his controversial near-decade long sabbatical, Dave ranks as a definitive voice, talent and personality in show business the past 30 years.

Those are common knowledge, however. What’s really fun is traveling down the rabbit hole resulting from a mere search of his name on YouTube. In 1995, Dave wasn’t yet the superstar celebrity he’d become a few years later. But he was still unequivocally funny.

In an Aspen, Colorado, room where the only African-American was the one on stage, the man behind the genius that later became Clayton Bigsby and Silky Johnson effortlessly weaved in and out of topics from racial profiling, sending death threats to teachers all the way down to why superhereos like Batman never fought crimes in Black neighborhoods.

On one of the last few non-NFL Sundays of the year, treat yourself. Take time to pay homage to the legend before he actually became one.

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