Remembering America’s Best President: Black Bush

08.24.12 5 years ago 18 Comments

President Barack Obama. Mitt Romney. Regardless of who America will be casting votes for come November, I think we can all agree these campaign commercials are annoying as hell. Instead of pissing ourselves off all over again replaying them in our minds, let’s do something a tad different and recall a presidential term so legendary his Caucasian counterpart actually received another four years in office. We’re talking about Bush. Black Bush, as portrayed by Dave Chappelle.

Eight years ago, the popular slogan was “Vote Or Die!” For Black Bush, however, his primary concern was all about keeping it real. Sadaam Hussein tried to 187 his old man, he was taking the United Nations head on in the press and have mercy on us all, he, like everyone with a brain, were petrified of the thought of yellow cake ever coming in contact with the ground. And he definitely wasn’t attempting to cherry pick oil from the Middle East. With foresight only rivaled by Nostradamus and Miss Cleo, Black Bush tackled the issue of gay marriage and visiting Mars giving thought to how much different life would be if B-Squared was still ruling America with a shiny Glock 22.

In all seriousness though, damn near a decade later, when Dave Chappelle knocks over the pitcher of water and begins chasing the reporter? Man, listen. It was simple as hell, but, personally, hands down one of the funniest moments on cable of the past decade. Don’t expect me to debate this either.

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