Dave Chappelle’s Take On Donald Sterling Proves He Still Has It

06.30.14 3 years ago 19 Comments

“There’s no “i” in team! But there is an “i” in Clippers! And there is an “i” in “n***ers”. And there is an “i” in, “and I do mean all that sh*t”.”

The return of Dave Chappelle rivals the return of Outkast as our favorite 2014 feel-good story*. I won’t debate that with anybody. And in case you were wondering if his current batch of stand-up material is on par with his most recent swing by Jimmy Fallon’s set, we now have something of an answer: yes.

Granted, the YouTube video we’re showing – taken on June 24th at Radio City Music Hall – was shot from a cell phone and only six minutes in length, but his bit on Donald Sterling should up those thirst levels for a new special.

Let the bidding war for rights to a new stand-up routine commence. My money is on HBO, but let’s not count out Netflix.

* — Technically, Dave’s been building up the return since last year, but you get what we mean.

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