Sony Wants ‘Safe House’ Writer David Guggenheim For ‘Bad Boy 3’

12.11.13 4 years ago 12 Comments

Bad Boys

Words by Bansky

Where have I been? Not only is Bad Boys 3 in the works, it’s been discussed for over five years?

I love movies that are so bad they’re entertaining, so it should be no surprise that I loved Bad Boys 2. Between the 10-minute car chase with random Jamaicans, and Reggie picking Megan up for her first date from Marcus house, I’m all in for another round of Bad Boys.

Apparently so is Sony Pictures, as they’re reportedly in talks with Safe House writer David Guggenheim to write the third film in the series. The sequel made over $143 million at the box office, and after the flop that was After Earth, it makes sense that Will Smith is looking for another hit to pad his pockets, ego and reputation.

Smith is in, as is Martin Lawrence who the Fresh Prince confirmed would be coming back during a May episode of 106 and Park (which explains how I’ve missed out on all this info). You know what that means right?

“Shit just got real.”

For now, flashback for fun.

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