David Kahn Wanted Mike Krzyzewski To Coach The Minnesota Timberwolves

06.27.11 6 years ago 8 Comments

Pending further research, David Kahn could actually be the real life version of Peter Griffin; a man with so much power running the show that his mistakes make for such entertaining, yet head scratching moments.

Since being hired to replace Kevin McHale in the spring of 2009, Khan’s Wolves have won 32 games in two years. Combined. A slew of other body shots including the failed Jonny Flynn experiment (who could very well reinvent himself in Houston), the Rick Ross-fat contract of Darko Milicic and the firing of Kurt Rambis all assist in defining the Kahn era up this point. Leaving no stone unturned, however, the often misunderstood T-Wolves executive always aims high. Take for instance his recent attempt at courting Mike Krzyzewski away from the friendly confines of Cameron Indoor Stadium. Who knows what exactly Kahn smoked before reaching out to Coach K, but God bless the man for doing so because it adds yet another chapter in a biography that I’ll eventually get drunk and read one day.

Why exactly was David (Kahn) attempting to slay Goliath and bring him to the Twin Cities? To train the experiment known as Ricky Rubio, a player whose stock and overall perception who has bombed harder and faster than whoever that girl was from the BET Awards. One NBA coach was even quoted as saying, “It’s unfortunate that Ricky Rubio is now going to be the face of that franchise, because he just isn’t good enough as a player. They’re doing that kid a great disservice.”

Seeing as how Coach K refused to leave Durham to coach a then in his prime Kobe Bryant many moons ago, the chance of the iconic signal caller coming to a city with ferocious winters to manage a nucleus of young, talented, but largely unproven players was too much of a risk. A person can’t knock Kahn for trying, at least. You can never sleep with the sexiest girl in the room unless you talk to her. And if she shoots you down, it’s not like you’re losing any pride to begin with. That was Kahn’s logic; I’m almost sure. Still, if he wants to give it one more shot with the gold medal winning coach, he could always pay Duke’s newspaper to write a sarcastic open letter to Krzyzewski. Hey, it worked last time.

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