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04.04.14 4 years ago 10 Comments

David Letterman To Retire From ‘Late Show’ In 2015 [LA Times]

Cashed Crop: Pot Prices Plummet [High Times]

Whom Does Kobe Bryant Represent? [The New Yorker]

Chris Brown Taken Into Custody For D.C. Case [Billboard]

Should Sneaker Release Dates Be Eliminated? [TSG]

Driver Accidentally Hits Child, Is Brutally Attacked By Witnesses [Gawker]

Posthumous Album Stirs Old Drama For Michael Jackson [The Urban Daily]

Start Your Month With Video Vixen Beautifull April [Giant]

The Only Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram For Rap Beefs You Will Ever Need [Grantland]

Chalk One Up For OkCupid, As Brendan Eich Has Stepped Down As Mozilla’s CEO [Uproxx]

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