DaVinci – “Concrete Jungle Juice” Video

07.25.10 7 years ago 5 Comments

The other day I was giving The Day The Turf Stood Still a listen and was reminded why I gravitated towards the project off an initial listen four months ago. Dope music has a tendency to do that to you. Since then, the man who has put the Fillmore District on his back and the proverbial map of Hip-Hop has been gaining steam adding a pinch of notoriety around his name with each passing day.

“Concrete Jungle Juice” follows “Ben” as the next visual from the LP. Directed by Ammbush, it is a rather simple video with Vinci and a cast of cohorts explaining life in the concrete jungles of the city Joe Montana made famous and David Lee just moved to. Simple isn’t always a bad thing either. One good thing about the lack of scenery in the video is that your allowed to see that San Francisco’s finest goes in for nearly three minutes without even the slightest hint of a hook. Sometimes that’s just the best way to get your point across.

In case you’re wondering, “Concrete Jungle Juice” is an actual beverage, too. Get some Gin and Tampico and mix them together and just like that, you have your own batch. We’re all about teaching around here at TSS if you’re trying to learn. Get drunk and be merry. Responsibly, of course.

Download DaVinci – The Day The Turf Stood Still

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