DaVinci Feat. San Quinn & Matt Blaque – “Clean Ass Whip” Video

05.13.11 6 years ago 4 Comments

Need proof Satan is real? Have you ever washed your car on a sunny day only to have a bird sh*t on no more than five minutes after you finish? Yep, that’s Lucifer. Truth be told, I shouldn’t even be allowed to watch this new video from DaVinci, San Quinn and Matt Blaque since my car is in dire need of a cleaning. The three combine to convey the fruits of sporting a spotless vehicle now that the temperature is rising and people begin to spend more of their lives outdoors again. This can be found on Prince Aries’ new mixtape of the same name, Clean Ass Whip, and kudos to ‘Vinci for co-producing this along with Big D. I completely forgot he got it in behind the boards as well as behind the mic. If gas wasn’t as high as telephone wires these days, riding around with this record as your soundtrack would not even require a second thought.

Regardless of the economic conditions of the present day, however, this is going straight to the iPod. As soon as I hit the carwash.

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