DaVinci Is A Fan Of Outkast

10.06.10 7 years ago 4 Comments

And quite frankly, why wouldn’t he be? As DaVinci makes his long trek south (or East if you listen to The Pimp), consider this brand spankin’ new offering from one of Cali’s fastest-rising talents something to wet the appetite for A3C this week.

Vinci borrows Outkast’sWheels Of Steel” to execute the only thing he knows best – paying homage to his hometown through lyrical tribute. On the surface, the admission that I’ve never been to the Fillmore District of San Francisco should come as no surprise. With the knowledge of violence at every corner and widespread drug usage as depicted through the music, it sure as hell feels like I have though.

So if you cross paths with him this week in the A, buy the man a drink. Talk music. And buy him another drink because he’s probably a 49ers fan. It’s been a stressful season thus far.


Download — DaVinci – “This Is How We Do”

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