De La Soul & J Dilla Revisit The DA.I.S.Y. Age On New Song “Dilla Plugged In”

03.05.14 4 years ago 8 Comments

Commercial remixes usually don’t cut the mustard thanks to those pesky BDS reports. So they moved to the internets, along with younger cousins in edits and bootlegs, so the art form can flourish.

De La Soul’s in tune with the remix and online movements so their fresh rendition of “Plug Tunin'” in “Dilla Plugged In” sounds so lovely over the digital airwaves. J Dilla’s hazy beat calls Plug 1 and 2 to add some extra sauce to the record in the form of new flows, bars and a few nods to the source material.

The track’s definitely enough to get fans feenin’ for Smell The DA.I.S.Y: De La’s upcoming release solely over J Dilla’s instrumentals. We can’t be friends if that sentence didn’t make you raise an eyebrow with intrigue.

Heads also need to understand the original’s roots go back about 30 years. Now these dudes arrive full circle to a tune from their early teens. Rap and longevity usually don’t mix so the realization ought to put a rap geek tear in your eye. Three kids from Long Island had a ball with some rap and now they’re legends; that’s awesome from all angles.

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