#DoTheEducation: De La Soul’s Maseo Shares Wisdom And Why ‘Scandal’ Is The Best Show Ever On Fan Bros Podcast

02.20.14 4 years ago 2 Comments

FanBros Maseo

Fan Bros’ latest episode with rap legend Maseo of De La Soul deserves your time not because you’re barely working at your desk or loafing about wherever. The podcast hits high marks since the Maseo feels at home, drops knowledge and shoots the sh*t throughout.

His appreciation for Scandal and breakdown of sidepieces should give some laughs early on in the show. Then, when the conversation switches gears to De La Soul’s recent discography giveaway, gems come in bounds. Check out his take on the “hip-hop fan” halfway through the show.

Maseo: One of the best things I can say I ever learned in this game was…the fan is never really loyal. The fan’s not a loyal fan, especially in hip-hop.The fan in hip-hop reminds me of the same fan that’s in sports…

DJ Benhameen: Only when you’re winning…Only when you’re winning, everybody’s with you. Only when you’re winning.

Don Will: Would you say the fans have something against you growing? Like, they don’t want to, if you change directions-

Maseo: Yeah, everybody wants you to repeat what you first did and there’s no way in hell I could be that 19-year-old kid again. There’s just no way. Like, let alone, when that record (3 Feet High And Rising) came out, those were a lot of songs that we made when we were 14-15 years old. So just think about the years we spent making music before it even dropped. It was ’84 and up. Like “Me Myself And I” “Eye Know,” those are like the last records we made. But D.A.I.S.Y. Age was like ’85,” “Three’s The Magic Number” was like ’85. “Plug Tunin'” a hundred different ways, was ’84. “Ghetto Thang” was ’84. There were so many cuts then we were doing early on.

And here’s one more for the road.

“Maseo:…Different era different time because, here it was, hip-hop was only on the weekend and record sales wasn’t a part of our thought process. Soundscan didn’t even exist…To even get an album deal we had to try two 12 inches first. You had to try that single, test that out first, see where it go, and then the label has an option to do another record with you. If it don’t pop off, you have the option to get the hell on with your life (Laughs.)”

There’s no fun in spoiling the whole show but it’s evident to see when Maseo talks, everyone must listen. Press play and learn something, folks.

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