Someone Alert Brandon Knight’s Next Of Kin. There Was A Murder In Lob City.

03.11.13 5 years ago 68 Comments

There aren’t many truly sad moments in sports. There are some bummers or heart-breakers. But not too many that make you want to weep. At the 10 second mark, the Pistons sheepishly walking over to the decapitated remains of Brandon Knight and help him up from the ground may be one of the saddest f*cking things I’ve ever seen on a basketball court.

If you’re B. Knight, there’s no way you’re telling anyone you broke a rib getting dunked on (which very well may be the case after watching his fall). And if you’re wondering why Brandon Knight’s name is familiar. It’s because this also happened to him.

Deandre face

But let’s get to the guy who deserves the credit here. DeAndre Jordan crushed this dunk with his off-hand, which is just incredible. Okay, back to Brandon Knight.

Dude looked like Loki after Hulk threw him around. Dude had one of those Wil E. Coyote falls where a small halo of dust pops up. He looked like when they were kicking Goku’s ass up against the Tree Of Might. He looked like Mick Foley falling through the cage against HHH.

Okay, I’ll stop. Just watch.

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