Dear Cory Gunz…

12.22.08 9 years ago 21 Comments

There Is Only One Picture Of Cory Gunz…and we intend to use it.

Let me start by saying I’m one of your biggest fans. I’ve probably written more articles about you in my time with TSS than I have any other artist. I’ve listened to you since the first Apprentice series and maintained the belief you can flip syllables like no other rapper in the game right now. It boggles my mind almost every time you spit a verse. The rapid fire delivery is crazy. Your breath control and ability to spit a whole verse without once inhaling is always a spectacle. I truly believe that you are on the short list of top MCs right now.

But I’ve been here before.

See, I thought Canibus was always one hit away and I swore by Papoose for like two years. I’ve come to learn it takes more than skill to make it. It all comes down to making good decisions. And homie, you ain’t making them right now. It was bad enough when you released that creepy home video for your “A Millie” bars… six months after you did the song. It was worse when your mixtape was a dated throwback circa 2005 when artists used to make a mixtape full of radio friendly, dumbed down songs to show labels they could make money instead of spit. It’s 2008. Wale and Charles Hamilton have proven that you can get a following with songs that show you. So why didn’t you do that?

Now you’ve opted to make a song “with” T-Pain. The “with” is in quotations because that song is obviously one of those tracks Akon and T-Pain sell with the hook intact so small artists can get a buzz. In a couple of months an established artist will probably have the same song on the radio while people say to themselves “didn’t ol’ dude used to have this track?” Of course, this would be forgiven if the song were hot:

“One more time, one more call
One more time, one more call
One more dime, one more call
One more time, one more call
…Shorty know my Black Jack game fat as Jack Black.”

That, my friend is not hot.

That’s not the guy who put Wayne to shame on his own song. That’s not the same guy who left everyone’s jaw dropped when you ripped the freestyle on DJ Green Lantern’s show. Nor is it the same MC who killed his freestyle on BET’s Hip-Hop awards. I’ve seen this shit before, Cory. And you’re acting like you want to end up like Canibus and Pap, as just another great talent that fell by the wayside.

One more question while I’m at it — why in the mother Hell do you rap about guns and drugs? Every time I play your music in the car my friends roll their eyes and say “Wait, didn’t his dad have a video on MTV when this kid was like 10?” So how did you grow up “Where shit’s like Darfur?” Either you are full of shit or you were watching your dad make money while you had to fend for yourself on the streets. If the latter is correct then that’s a fascinating story you should tell just to clarify.

Don’t look at this as some mean-spirited attack from another typer © Khaled. This is a concerned letter from a fan who wants you to succeed. Like I said, I believe you can be great. The best. But this ain’t the way to do it. Maybe you should come chill, sit down and have a Smoking Session and try to figure out what the hell you’re doing. We’re here for ya, buddy.


A Concerned Fan

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