Dear VH-1, Gossip Is Not Hip-Hop

09.17.08 9 years ago 40 Comments

Let the record show that I have nothing against the sites (called “blogs” for this purpose) seen listed above.

I <3 C&D. It’s what I read when I’m not TSS’ing and it’s what your favorite blogger forwards to his friends. Believe that.

eskay (lowercase “e” you bastids!) has always shown us nothing but love & support. Same for Angel & the team @ CL.

But this feels like when Will & Jeff first won a Grammy. We didn’t dislike them nor were we, as an audience, mad.

We just knew it wasn’t accurate.

To categorize some of these sites as “Hip-Hop” is a mislabeling at it’s finest. “Celebrity gossip” that often includes Hip-Hop, these sites would be at the top of the list.

I don’t put much stock in these particular awards & accolades because regardless if the congregation never paid us any attention, we’d still be puttin out material for you, the choir members. At the same time, I can think of a few other sites that keep it Hip-Hop as Timb boots & Yankee hats. Sites that reflect the core of what Hip-Hop is – which is a culture that revolves around the music & not necessarily its celebrity. Those that remember that the DJ is just as important as the emcee standing @ the front of the stage & in the spotlight. Sites that can trace part of their roots back to having a little spraypaint on their fingertips & shoes. Cats that can tell you the B-side of a OOP single from the 90’s. You know, the ones you know live, breath & truly enjoy Hip-Hop. Individuals who have dusty crates & broken cd cases to go along with their hard drives.

Sites that will never get their just due if we’re talking awards.

No, I’m not bitter. Truthfully, the only energy I’ll devote towards the topic will be nonexistent after I hit publish on this post. We’re too busy planning shit on the level of ’98 Week and more Sessions like a few weeks ago to focus on who’s not paying attention to us.

So, respect due to those nominated.

But to VH-1, you’ve done a great job honoring artists each year, selecting artists that had a true impact but weren’t necessarily recognized on a mainstream level during their prime. But for honoring websites, well…here’s to diggin a little deeper in the crates next year instead of this half-hearted attempt @ recognizing the internet. Try honoring some hardworking Hip-Hop sites now instead of waiting til later. I’ve even done part of your work for you so click those names, add’em to your RSS feeds & pay attention!

And if you’re wondering, I voted for eskay. I hope he wins another recognition for his work.

And if you were going to mention “Hip-Hop related sites,” then I respectfully believe they should have included Bol. While we haven’t always seen eye-to-eye on various things, I respect his work.

Yep, I said it.

VH-1’s Best Hip-Hop Sites [VH-1]

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