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06.21.11 6 years ago 13 Comments

Tiana Nicole

Death Penalty Costs California $184 Million A Year [LAT]

Top 10 Black Sports Personalities [6Mag]

Has Tracy Morgan ‘Gone Overboard’ With the Apologies? [PopEater]

Russell Simmons’ Prepaid Credit Card Investigated For Hidden Fees [Clutch]

Tattoo Artist Settles Over Design In ‘Hangover II’ [AP]

The Science Behind Features According To Matt Diamond [Alkota Beats]

Woman’s Medical Weed To be Funded by Canadian Government [Animal]

50 Cent Explains What Separates Him From Lady Gaga, Eminem [MTV]

Infographic: Wal-Mart Vs. Amazon [DJ Mick]

Welcome Summer with Bikini Girls [Gunaxin]

Bristol Palin Lost Virginity Drunk, On Wine Coolers [TMZ]

Sega Got Hacked And Over 1 Million People Are Affected [SVI]

Black Unemployment At 16 Percent [CBS News]

The Power of Positive P*ssy Reinforcement [Very Smart Brothas]

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