“Decisions, Decisions”

07.11.09 9 years ago 22 Comments

Words by Landon A.

After reviewing Soul Assassin’s new joint, Intermission, for URB and sharing a gem with you, the loyal readers of The Smoking Section (have you copped your TSS shirt?) I dug into my collection of Muggs collabos, which were gathering dust on my hard drive and found a joint effort with the Cali beat maker and a group of native ATLien rappers.

Wedged somewhere between RZA and Dr. Dre’s tracks you’ll find a highly overlooked guest shot from The Dungeon’s own Goodie Mob. I never thought Goodie would sound good over anything but an Organized Noize track (or a Kno beat) but boy was I wrong. Khujo, T-Mo, Gipp and Cee-Lo all go in as Muggs squeezes the last breath out of the boom bap era with full, dusty drums snuggled tightly under an eerie loop. Each member pulls their own trick out of the Goodie bag; Khujo Goodie barks and bites while Cee-Lo provides his soulful whine on a true banger from the South’s most prestigious family, The Dungeon Family.


Download — DJ Muggs Feat. Goodie Mob – “Decisions, Decisions”

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