Sway’s Jaw Drops Over Dee-1’s Freestyle (And Yours Will Too)

12.16.13 4 years ago 29 Comments

While we still are unable to confirm whether Sway has indeed “done the education” or found “the answers,” he won’t soon be forgetting Dee-1’s freestyle on his Sway In The Morning show.

Seeing how eager Dee was to freestyle was dope since – surprise, surprise – it’s sometimes difficult to get rappers to rap when coming on shows such as this one. Once Yo Gotti’s “Act Right” drops, however, the New Orleans Saint proceeded to black the hell out.

“From a city where they know us for that *guns sounds*
And Percy Miller made ’em say ‘Uhhhhh, na na na na’
And I miss my best friend, he got shot he died
But I’m proving New Orleans is more than murder and Mardi Gras
And it ain’t no King of New Orleans, Soulja Slim was the closest
We don’t like to stick together it’s just part of the culture
Preyin’ on you like vulture, don’t nobody root for ya
All these rappers needs Oscars and I don’t mean De La Hoya
I went and got me a lawyer and my lawyer messed over me
You ain’t a part of the fam, you just a friend like Wilona…”

Excited gif

Enjoy your Monday, folks. Go Dee-1, go America.

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