Dee-1 – “Writers Block!” Video

02.17.12 6 years ago 7 Comments

Before Dee-1 was a rapper he was David Augustine, middle school math teacher. So you know already know his numbers game is point. But his fancy wordplay just scratches the surface of “Writer’s Block.”

The record is so much more than extravagant metaphors and intricate arithmetic. The man reminds me so much of (and pardon me if I sound a little over the top here, but f*ck it it’s how I feel) Mahatma Gandhi, simply in the way of how relentlessly uncompromising he is in his values and his morals. Even when he yells out “How you know how I used to be?/I snap and hit your whole block up,” he adds “with prayers, y’all not used to me.” To date, Dee-1 has never, ever strayed from what he believes in, and that’s gotten him far. As long as he does continues that in the future, I really firmly believe he’ll be successul.

But all the number crunching got me thinking about another thing too. His movement is called the “One Man Army,” but as he says toward the end of this record, if you’re still listening, then it’s actually a “Two Man Army.” It’s quite the bold statement, but also one of those that’s been dangling in front of our faces but we look right past it, until Dee-1 just has to say it outright for us to realize it’s there. Now someone kindly tell his camp to start printing “Two Man Army” tees so I can start repping.

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