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It’s funny how when an artist decides to make that blatant attempt at crossover success, the artist’s so-called fan base has a cow. Not saying it’s not justifiable, but it’s usually those same fans that drove the artist to that decision. Bubba Sparxxx is a perfect example.

His 2003 release Deliverance went totally unnoticed by most Hip-Hop fans. The same one who are always clamoring for an artist to let their guard down & give an honest portrayal of their life. Bubba does that and more on this slept-on masterpiece (not classic, there’s a difference).

Sparxxx embraces his country upbringing, giving the listener a tour of growing up poor in LaGrange, Ga. Not one for punchlines & metaphors, he relies on storytelling and a conversational style to get his point across. While simple in his delivery, Bubba is still able to paint quite a vivid picture.

Timbaland & Organized Noize (3 tracks) provided the backdrop for Bubba’s “Hick-Hop” blueprint. Bluegrass, Country, Gospel, Beat boxing, Rock, and Hip-Hop are all mixed together in a gumbo pot for a batch of beats that equate to a Hip-Hop hoedown. Timbaland does some of his best work on this album in terms of providing a seamless, yet diverse collection of beats.

Despite creating the best album possible, Deliverence flopped and Bubba was forced to part paths with Timbaland when Tim’s Beat Club imprint folded. Sparxxx was at the proverbial fork in the road & he chose left. The result? He found moderate success with “Ms. New Booty” and released a very uneven The Charm in 2005 and hasn’t been heard from since. So do yourself a favor & check out Deliverance & wonder what could have been.

Bubba Sparxxx – Deliverance

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