Delonte West Uses Twitter To Express His Deepest Thoughts

11.14.11 6 years ago 8 Comments

Delonte West is a leader, not a follower. It’s the exact reason why he picked up a “real job” during the lockout. So while David Stern attempted to win public support with a live Twitter Q&A session last night, Delonte took to his account to provide an introspective look at what goes through the mind of one of the league’s more controversial players. Webbie in Walmart this is not, but it is still funny as sh*t nonetheless. From Nike endorsed condoms to welfare assistance for players, Mr. West aka Desperado was in rare form. Or maybe it was regular form. Who knows?
And before getting into a sample of what was said, allow me to answer the $13M question first and foremost. There were no mom jokes whatsoever. Although, I’m sure you will have plenty.

On Changes The NBA Needs To Make

Reaction: I’m sure he meant “assistance.”

On The Plight Of Grocery Shopping

Reaction: No bullsh*t, I’ve had this problem before. It’s a horrible feeling too.

On Looking At The Glass Half Full

Reaction: Swag Delonte the f*ck out!

On His Own Indecisiveness

Reaction: We’ve all contemplated getting off Twitter at some point, but it keeps pulling us back. In Delonte’s case, it happened all within 140 characters.

On The NBA Lockout

Reaction: If this were an André 3000 or Kendrick Lamar lyric, you’d have it as your Facebook status right now.

On Welfare And Reduced Lunch

Reaction: Delonte is still going to see his therapist, so that’s good. But you better believe he’s dead ass serious about that reduced lunch though.

On His Fans

Reaction: This is where David makes a joke like “not true, Gloria always has courtside seats.”

On Athletes Promoting Safe Sex

Reaction: I would pay good money to be a fly on the wall for this presentation.

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