Dennis Rodman Reportedly Training North Korea’s Basketball Team For Olympics

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09.09.13 6 Comments

Words By Bansky

It’s barely 2 pm on the West coast and Dennis Rodman is already doing Dennis Rodman things. Word on the Internets is that The Worm will be “training” the North Korean men’s national basketball team. No matter what he does it should be an improvement over the previous regime as they have never qualified for the Olympics or the FIBA World cup. North Korea has also never sent a player to the NBA.

All in all, Rodman working with our chief foreign enemy qualifies as light news right now for the NBA, as they had a very NFL-like week 1 of the NFL season. J.R Smith failed enough drug tests for weed that he was actually suspended for it, Lamar Kardashian was doing Kardashian things, Jared Sullinger got caught cheating and reacted and DeAndre Liggins smashed an Xbox over his girlfriend’s head (and was promptly released by the Thunder).

If Rodman causing a basketball renaissance in North Korea somehow leads to world peace one day we all won’t be laughing so much, but for today we’re throwing this in the box with all the Rodman things Dennis does. ”

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Photo: Vice

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