Denzel Washington Vs. The Russian Mafia In ‘The Equalizer’

05.27.14 3 years ago 15 Comments


Maybe this comes off like someone who has very little clue of what they’re talking about in reference to movies. Maybe this is such a cliché statement that it’ll make you throw up. Not that it makes me much difference either way.

Denzel Washington has a new movie coming out September 26, 2014, entitled The Equalizer and yours truly will be in someone’s theater for three rather simple reasons.

1. It involves the mafia. Growing up, I wanted to be a part of a big-time mafia, until I learned of all the grunt work and racism. Then, the luster of wearing fancy suits, making my own work schedule, courting the most exotic women and driving the finest cars seemed a tad less appealing. That said, I still watch movies with mafia ties (even if it is a huge ass exaggeration at times).

2. It’s Denzel. The man played Malcolm X, John Q and Eli for crying out loud. You had me at “starring Denzel Washington.” And it’s Denzel vs. the mob! It’s like – WARNING: another cliché alert – the irresistible force and the immovable object getting in bed together!

3. Antoine Fuqua is directing. That other movie Fuqua and Denzel did? The one about the two cops? Yeah, Training Day. That was a halfway decent film* so I’m leaving expectations on the shelf of “benefit of the doubt.”

* – By “halfway decent,” I mean I can still quote that movie more than a decade later.

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