Celebrate Derek Jeter’s Retirement Announcement By Reading How He Stole Someone’s Girl In 20 Minutes Flat

02.12.14 4 years ago 34 Comments


Two pieces of info needed to make this story make sense.

1. Yankees great Derek Jeter announced via Facebook today that 2014 would be his final season playing baseball. Wherever you are, tip your cap to him or at least raise your hand to your head and salute.

2. You have to know at least a little about Rickonia. Except, I honestly don’t know a lot about Rick. One day, I saw he started following me on Twitter and my curiosity made me check his timeline (@Rickonia). What I found was a riot. Daily. Now, when people ask who to follow on Twitter, I say Rick, mention his Instagram, too, and give them their receipt. So far, nobody’s ever asked for a refund.

He does something with Black Dynamite, hangs out with celebs – real celebs, not rappers or anything – sometimes but spends the majority of his time dedicated to his R.A.K.E. (random acts of kindness everywhere) initiative, which is what I admire about him most. To be forthcoming, I’ve been angling for a way to introduce Rick and his work here for months now because it motivates me to do small acts for others. But that’s not what we’re here for today so just do yourself a favor and visit RAKEnow.org and learn more about it.

Did I mention Rick was funny?

Early Wednesday, he must have heard the news that Jeter was giving up the game and it triggered a repressed memory that turned out to be the most…ahh, enough of this, read Rick’s tweets.

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