Deron – “Blue Pill” Video

06.03.14 3 years ago

People watching is an one-of-a-kind experience. Not in the Criminal Minds type of way, but rather the innocent, waltz through life sort of manner. The reason being because everyone has a story. Whether coping with dead end relationships, stress from the job, our health or even something as joyous as celebrating a career promotion or engagement, we’re all the stars in our own show worth narrating like Christopher Wallace preached in 1997.

Which is exactly why Deron’s “Blue Pill” video caught my attention. The visual’s leading lady represents the main character in a story all too common taking place directly outside our front doors and comfort zones. Pulled in a host of directions, many of which harbor everything but her best interests, Deron details the slow and painful journey of another soul lost.

The second coming of Nas’ “Black Girl Lost” is too steep of a comparison. Yet, it is proof not much has changed in the decades since.

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