Deron – “James Brown” Video

03.27.13 5 years ago

In Deron’s “James Brown” video, there appears to be ingredients the late iconic performer would’ve enjoyed his damn self in his younger, more formative years – loud music, dark rooms, women kissing on each other, alcohol, water guns and who knows what else. The Katt Williams homage may or may not have tickled The Godfather of Soul’s fancy, but both turned out to be bat-shit crazy, so I guess this, too, works out in the long run.

The D.C. native keeps the mood light-hearted and festive with the intentions of having “James Brown” reserve a nice comfy spot on your ever-so-coveted pre-game playlist. And this isn’t a backhanded compliment either. Kudos on what appears to be a well-directed video and not conforming to the status quo of shooting a video with people passing blunts around smiling at random objects in space.*

The wheel wasn’t reinvented here, but there was also an old school Busta Rhymes feel to the quick transitions throughout the visual. Truth be told, Busta’s whirlwind flow likely would’ve sounded at home on this production from TheeKidIcarus. That’s just me though.

* – Not saying anything is wrong with that because I understand budgets for unsigned hype aren’t exactly bursting at the seams with resources, but still.

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