Deron Williams, Nets Ice Sixers In OT 97-90

01.26.12 6 years ago 13 Comments

The sun doesn’t shine much on the Nets these days. Deron Williams is practically working as a temporary employee and he’s put up some stinkers so far. However something clicked in his dominant performance in the embers of last night’s game against the Sixers. Viewers saw the all star caliber play Williams built his name on while Lou Williams’ tough shots and critical mistakes by Jersey could’ve notched Philly with another win.

TSS hoops highlights usually involve hapless defenders getting blessed at the rim ad naseum. We’re going to switch things up this morning with Deron’s cold crossover to the step back three to ice the game. D. Will put up 34 and 11 dimes on 14/28 shooting to lift the Nets past Philly. It’s a shame Deron had to bust his ass like that for a victory. But, with Marshon Brooks hobbled and a starting 4 better known for wifing Kim than his skill set, you gotta go for self in such moments. The 76ers are still the far better team and got caught on a bad shooting night. Nevertheless, all three of us Nets fans will take this win since they’re hard to earn.

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