Deron Williams & Paul George Liven Up Pacers-Nets Game

02.01.12 6 years ago 6 Comments

It’s been a great week for dunks, to say the least. LeBron James jumped over John Lucas III on Sunday. Blake Griffin “Mozgov’d” Kendrick Perkins just a day later. But there’s no rest for the NBA faithful – the highlights just keep coming. In Tuesday night’s Pacers-Nets game, even as the public continued to buzz about the exploits of LeBron and Blake, two crazy, world-class dunks went down.

First, Deron Williams pulled off some slick shit right after the game began. I don’t think of Williams as a big dunker, but he looked like one here. In a single, fluid move, Williams blew past Darren Collison, got into the lane, and then crushed one on 7’2″, 260 pound Roy Hibbert. Nasty. Shades of Baron Davis’ ridiculous jam over Andrei Kirilenko – even though Deron might want me to forget that ever happened.

But that, cool as it was, wasn’t the dunk of the game. With seconds remaining in the third quarter, Paul George found himself alone on the break. Off the top of my head, not too many crazy dunks from the Pacers leap to mind – except, of course, for the work of the legendary Fred Jones – so I wasn’t expecting too much when I cued up this clip for the first time. I was wrong. Instead of some pedestrian dunk, George came with a sick reverse, double-pump slam.

So sure, neither the Heat or the Clippers played last night. But I’m still at my computer this morning, bugging out over highlights. Bless the NBA.

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