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Christina Santini

Big Shoulders: Derrick Rose, Benji Wilson & The Love Of A City [Grantland]

A Very Important ‘Zooey Deschanel Boob Fight’ GIF [Warming Glow]

The 7 Bands That Won CMJ Music Marathon 2012 [Uproxx]

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10 Unlikely World Series Heroes [Yardbarker]

M.I.A.’s New Book Documents Her Greatest Work of Art: Herself [Complex]

Terrell Owens Lost A Pick-Up Basketball Game To A 4’5″ Mani Love [With Leather]

You Are Not Alone: 6 Comedians Who Rode The Crazy Train (Just Like Katt Williams) [HHW]

Jon Gruden Talks George McGovern and Al Davis’s Drug Stash [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

Widower Engraves Wife’s Vagina On Tombstone [Peeperz]

Every Episode Of “The Walking Dead” Summed Up [Buzzfeed]

Has ’30 Rock’ Lost Its Mojo? [HuffPost Comedy]

Shyne Calls Kendrick Lamar Album “Trash,” Defends Statement On Radio [The Urban Daily]

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