Derrick Rose Continues Recovery In “The Return Of D Rose” Episode 2

09.08.12 4 years ago 8 Comments

“Basketball changed everybody lives that was around me.”

Derrick Rose and adidas return wit the second installment of their The Return Of D Rose series, symbolically entitled “Hope.” While the clip picks up where the first left off chronicling the 2011 MVP’s long road to back to the hardwood, some kudos must be extended to all parties involved.

adidas – Look, when the face of your company (at least basketball-wise) goes down with arguably the worst sort of injury one could fathom, things get hectic. These clips show they’re behind their man. Maybe because they have to, but on the surface it does show a stamp of loyalty to a player who prides himself on such.

Rose – Aside from certain aspects of his on-court game, the biggest knock against buddy has always been he’s an introvert in a business which requires its stars to be the exact opposite. While he’ll never be confused with Magic Johnson in terms of personality, this is a step in the right direction for a guy who hasn’t said more than 1,000 words in front of a camera his entire pro-career. Brand building starts from the ground up.

Here’s to Derrick continuing to make a speedy recovery and get back to the court. Unfortunately, Carlos Boozer will more than likely still be there whenever he does return.

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