Retired NFL RB Derrick Ward Goes All The Way In On ESPN For Their DeSean Jackson Coverage

03.28.14 4 years ago 42 Comments

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The hot sports take of the day has been the Philadelphia Eagles’ decision to release of All-Pro wideout Desean Jackson presumably for his alleged gang ties to Crips in Los Angeles. Sensing blood was in the water thanks to an in-depth feature and ample opportunity to snatch an easy ratings topic on a Friday, ESPN pounced on the opportunity.

Jackson’s name was dissected in ways that would’ve confused a novice ESPN viewer for an episode of ER. One person who wasn’t amused or confused by the antics, however, was former Giants and Texans running back Derrick Ward.

We’ll allow the Southern California native to speak for himself. Let’s just say humble pie was served in copious amounts.

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