DeSean Jackson, Washington Redskins Agree To Deal

04.02.14 4 years ago 15 Comments

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**Jay Z voice** “Yo, f*ck you, Whitt, first and foremost for making me write this sh*t. Muh’f*cker.” **/Jay Z voice**

Not even a full week after being cut by the only team he ever knew in the Philadelphia Eagles due to alleged gang ties, DeSean Jackson’s newest city of employment is only two and a half hours south on Interstate 95. The receiver coming off his best season as a pro made it official shortly after Drake sent Twitter into a tizzy announcing his three-year deal with the Washington Redskins.

As the resident Cowboys fan, the news sucks, but not as much as one may think. Seeing DJax leave the division would have been ideal, but part of me understood his reasoning for wanting to remain in the NFC East. And with Dallas being strapped for cash worse than Martin when he lost his job and a Jax/Tom Coughlin marriage probably ending in someone losing an eye, Washington makes sense. Plus, with Jackson remaining in the division, not much changes in the sense Dallas still has to plan for him twice a year.

But forever and until Tupac comes back, to hell with the Washington Original Americans, LLC.

Objectively, however, take a look at the skill positions on offense in Chocolate City – Bob Griffin III, Alfred Morris, Pierre Garcon, Jordan Reed and now DeSean. Great. And despite the Ryan Clark signing, the ‘Skins’ secondary depth remains a concern. But all credit to GM Bruce Allen for improving the team with the racist name who ended last season on an eight-game losing streak.* Recent history has shown, however, 9-7 will win the division, so it’s not as if rookie coach Jay Gruden needs to orchestrate a 13,14-win campaign to get the job done.

Now excuse me while I…

ace ventura vomit

Sorry about that. Nevertheless, if the NFL’s schedule makers are on their game, they waste no time in DeSean’s Philly homecoming by replaying last season’s Week 1 Monday Night Football slate between the Eagles and ‘Skins.

Once again, and in case it wasn’t made clear the first time, forever and until Tupac comes back, to hell with the Washington Original Americans, LLC. Hopefully, DJax assumes the lost throne abandoned by Andray Blatche on the D.C. nightlife scene. No country exists for Whitt enjoying any sort of football-related happiness.

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* – Also, remember, Washington owns no first round pick this year stemming from the Bob Griffin III trade in 2012.

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