There Will Soon Be A ’30 For 30′ On The Detroit Pistons’ “Bad Boys” Era

05.17.13 5 years ago 20 Comments

The team who once had Michael Jordan contemplating ending his career without a ring will soon be receiving the 30 For 30 treatment. ESPN confirmed the film was in the works, and while no airing date has been confirmed, it stands to be one of the more anticipated (from yours truly) in awhile.

The “Bad Boys” represent a unique bridge in the history of basketball’s meteoric rise since the 1980’s. Their reign of terror followed that of the Celtics and Lakers yet preceded that of Bulls. And for all the goon-like tactics they employed, give them some credit. They were equal opportunity ass kickers.

Larry Bird still hates Bill Laimbeer. Magic and Isiah only recently ended their long-standing cold war. And their sheer domination of the Jordan, Pippen, Phil and the Bulls inspired everything from a book to the Bulls running all the way to Emperor Stern to voice their frustrations. There’s also no way to confirm this (because I just made it up), but DeBo’s character in Friday was loosely based around some mutant fusion of Thomas, Laimbeer, Rodman and Mahorn.

Regardless, this should be a good one though, ladies and gents. These Pistons squads changed basketball forever. For better and worse, depending who you ask.

Cred: Detroit Free Press

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