It’s A Party In The D For New Episode Of “Detroit Rubber”

02.06.13 5 years ago 4 Comments

The dudes at Burn Rubber show how we do in The D for the second installment of their latest online series Detroit Rubber. In this quick 15-minute hitter, Ro Spit and Rick skip the contractor and have their in-store help install new store shelves for their slick kicks, while they play practical jokes on the little homie and then party downtown.

Between this and the first episode (which featured Eminem and Prince Fielder), you’ll notice immediately these 4th Street sneaker freaks have put together real quality product with these webisodes, providing production value equivalent to any show you’d see on half the four-thousand cable channels showing reality TV these days.

Well, that’s not saying much, but you know what we mean. Enjoy the shoe shenanigans below.

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